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  Pure Encapsulations - Betaine HCL Pepsin - 250 Capsules
Pure Encapsulations Betaine HCL Pepsin 250 Capsules

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Pure Encapsulations Betaine HCL Pepsin

Betaine HCL Pepsin - Digestive Support

Benefits of Pure Encapsulations Betaine HCL Pepsin - 250 Capsules

  • May Help to Digest Foods
  • May Help to Breakdown Proteins
  • May help to Breakdown Dietary Fats
  • Stimulates the Secretion of Bile
  • Supports the Absorption of Vitamin B12
  • Made in the USA
Pure Encapsulations Betaine HCL Pepsin is a betaine HCL and pepsin supplement that may help to digest and breakdown foods.

Digestion is one of the most important biological processes that happens within your body. Digestion breaks down food into absorbable molecules that provide nutrients and energy. When the digestive system isn't properly functioning there can be numerous side effects, like indigestion or heart burn.

Betaine HCL Pepsin provides the enzymes betaine HCL and pepsin to support the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Benefits of Betaine HCL

Betaine HCL supplies the stomach with hydrochloric acid, and this can help to breakdown foods. It may also help with ulcers and indigestion. Some studies have also shown that low levels of stomach acids may lead to gallstones. Betaine HCL may also help to support stomach health by helping to fight the growth of yeast within the stomach.

Betaine HCL
may also help to support respiratory and joint health.

Benefits of Pepsin

Pepsin is used by the body to help digest proteins. Proteins exist in large molecules within the stomach and they can be hard for the body to breakdown, so pepsin is important for their proper digestion. The proteins are broken down into polypeptides, which can be more easily absorbed by the body.

Pepsin also helps to activate the secretion of bile. In order for bile to be secreted the liver and gallbladder have to be stimulated, and pepsin helps to do this. Bile is used by the body to help breakdown dietary fats, which are hard for the body to absorb. Pepsin also helps the body to absorb Vitamin B12.

Betaine HCL and Pepsin also has Vitamin C!

Vitamin C offers great support for the immune system, and it may help to increase the number of NK cells and stimulate the activity of T cells. It is also a powerful antioxidant, so it can help to fight free radicals within the body. Vitamin C may also help to increase the blood flow to the eye, and this may help to maintain proper vision. It is also great for the cardiovascular system, and it may help to lower blood pressure and support the proper dilation of blood vessels. Your body depends on digestion to breakdown foods and absorb nutrients.

When the digestive tract isn't functioning properly numerous pains and discomforts can occur, but Pure Encapsulations Betaine HCL Pepsin may help to support the digestive system. It helps to add hydrochloric acid to the digestive system, and it helps to breakdown proteins and dietary fats.

Pure Encapsulations Betaine HCL Pepsin is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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