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ALL ONE - Natural Nutritional Supplements and Weight Loss Products

If you care about quality - and we mean exceptional quality - then price should not stop you from buying one of the best nutritional products in the market today. We're talking about ALL ONE nutritional products by Nutritech.

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Why does ALL ONE deserve closer attention by consumers?

The reasons are found in how it all started.
  • Doug Ingoldsby and his family were behind the formulation of ALL ONE. They developed it by carefully selecting only high quality ingredients and formulas.
  • Nutritech is run by the Ingoldsby family and is known as a "boutique-type" store located in Santa Barbara, California. Their boutique store competes with the giants in the vitamin industry, but they distinguish themselves for their unwavering focus, commitment to quality, and formulations that actually work.
  • Country sources: depending on the product, Nutritech looks to certain countries for their ingredient supply. New Zealand: the company's weight loss product line (Original, Active Seniors and Weight Loss formulas) is made from the finest New Zealand ingredients. New Zealand has stringent quality control regulations in dairy manufacturing. Moreover, New Zealand cows are fed only grass and cattle owners are forbidden from subjecting cows to feed lot conditions. This is why ALL ONE "phyto green base" is the perfect choice for consumers looking for organically certified grown greens which maintain their active enzymes, thanks to heating below 80 degrees. Sweden: One of Nutritech's products - Aktivated Barley - is prepared in Sweden. It is a beta-glucan complex carbohydrate which is effective in weight loss.
Nutritech's preference is for concentrated products containing multiple vitamins, minerals and amino acid preparations has been the company's primary focus for the last 35 years. Nutritech started in 1972, but Doug Ingoldsby's father, James, has been developing and marketing vitamins way back in the mid-30s. In fact, James Ingoldsby was credited for the first and highly potent 100-mg Vitamin C. At that time, he was working with Adelle Davis - creator of the "stress" formula and many multi-vitamin products including "Tiger's Milk." In 1968 when he decided to sell his company, Plus Products, it was one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional supplements in the United States.

ALL ONE Benefits

ALL ONE formulas are manufactured with substances of the highest quality. This is why the company's products are developed with the guarantee of quality, not with the price factor. This is particularly relevant, especially because of the public's concern with ingredients and materials of dubious nature. ALL ONE is synonymous to product integrity! One more key fact: in line with its commitment to quality, ALL ONE nutritional products do not carry unnecessary or unsafe elements such as: Binders, Fillers, Bulk or volume agents. ALL ONE formulas do not equate with compromise. Purity and effectiveness are #1 priorities and continue to be, in spite of the rising costs associated with the non-use of binders, fillers, or bulk agents.

ALL ONE products do not have sugars, yeast, soy protein or artificial flavors.

More Information on Whey Protein

The milk proteins found in ALL ONE - calcium caseinate and whey - are imported from New Zealand. Given the country's strict dairy manufacturing rules, it will be given the label "certified organic." The calcium caseinate used by ALL ONE is fat free, contains no lactose, and is 93% protein.

Why whey protein?

  • Because it is a complete and natural protein, containing all the important amino acids needed by active seniors
  • New Zealand whey protein is instant milk protein obtained by ultra-filtration of fresh food grade, and is known for its BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which help re-supply the body's requirements for muscle growth
  • Compared to soy protein, whey protein isolate has about 50% more leucine - an important substance in promoting muscle tissue repair and synthesis
  • Two main characteristics of whey protein are digestibility and easy absorption
  • Whey protein contributes to a healthier immune system, thanks to its ability to maintain glutathione levels. Glutathione is an effective antioxidant.
To sum it up, ALL ONE does not compromise on ingredient quality. The ALL ONE product line is one of the best nutritional supplements available today.

Made in America to assure quality and safety!
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